To contribute to the effective treatment of oncological patients referred to us using the most appropriate Radiotherapy techniques for each individual situation..


To position ourselves as a national and international point of reference in the Radiotherapy field. We hope to raise the standard of quality of our current treatment options whilst also broadening the scope of situations (pathological) which we can successfully treat, offering additional hope and quality of life to our patients.


Julio Teixeira governs itself according to a set of values and policies which reflect our vision and mission. Quality, ethics, professionalism, innovation and the incorporation of technology dictate our vision for the future.

Julio Teixeira S.A. had its beginnings at CRP – Clinica de Radioterapia do Porto, founded in September 1994 in the Ordem do Carmo building in central Porto (the group’s first premises). Since November 2008 it has been located at the Instituto CUF Porto on Rua Fonte das Sete Bicas 170, Piso -1, in the Senhora da Hora area of Matosinhos and, since March 2012, in the Radiotherapy department of Braga Hospital. This Radiotherapy and Clinical Oncology department has a multidisciplinary team of Radiation Oncologists, Radiation Physicians, Radiotherapy Technicians and Nurses with a wealth of experience in Oncology/Radiotherapy. This team ensures that the service we provide to our patients is of technical excellence and that patient care is of the highest standard. Julio Teixeira S.A. gives immediate responses to all patient cases, with no waiting lists, including all ONCOLOGICAL EMERGENCIES during the weekend. In the case of equipment failure or planned maintenance Julio Teixeira S.A. guarantees to provide patients with alternative treatment options. Julio Teixeira S.A. has all valences of Radiotherapy at its disposal, namely Three-Dimensional Conformal Radiation Therapy (3DCRT) using a linear accelerator, Intensity-Modulated (IMRT) and Image-Guided (IGRT) Radiation Therapy, Radiosurgery, intra and extra-cranial Fractionated Stereotactic Radiotherapy, high-dosing Brachytherapy, Iodine/Palladium Seed Brachytherapy and Intraoperative Radiotherapy. Julio Teixeira S.A. provides services in collaboration with various health entities, systems and sub-systems, namely ADSE, SAMs Norte, SAMS Quadros, CGD, and outsourcing services with health insurance companies at Braga Hospital. Considering the Radiotherapy Unit’s extremely promising growth potential, Julio Teixeira S.A. works constantly to optimise its Human Resources in accordance with the requirements of the market, to maintain the high standards of quality expected of it. It is our mission to provide Radiotherapy treatment services of the highest quality using state-of-the-art Radiation Therapy technology, in keeping with national and international guidelines, best-practice manuals and applicable legislation, both national and European (EURATOM). By combining these factors we hope to achieve, and indeed surpass, national and international tumour control and survival rates. Julio Teixeira S.A., founded by Dr. Julio Teixeira, one of the country’s leading Radiation Oncologists (Certified specialist at the Royal College of Oncologists – London), is projected to become the national benchmark for Radiotherapy through aligning the professionalism of our clinical team with the cutting-edge technological solutions we have at our disposal, in the pursuit of complete customer satisfaction. [/or_column_text]