Porto Canal – Increase in cases of lung cancer among women

The Doctor. Paulo S. Costa, Radioncologist and Clinical Coordinator at Júlio Teixeira, was present at the Open Consultation section of the Porto Canal Informative Morning. in the last years.

“There are several reasons why lung cancer is on the rise, and one of them is related to the marketing campaigns of tobacco companies, 40 years ago, in which there was a notion that women should be equal to men and that equality should also go through smoking habits”, says the radio oncologist.

“Although those campaigns are now over, their effects are coming in now”, he adds. Secondhand smoke was also addressed in this interview, with Dr. Paulo Costa warned that this “affects people of all age groups. In addition to lung cancer, there are other equally important pathologies that can also be enhanced and aggravated by environments polluted by tobacco smoke”. the regular practice of physical exercise, and being aware of signs such as a persistent cough that continues over several months, bloody sputum or chest pain.”

If you didn’t have the opportunity to watch the interview live, watch it now.