Open Day – 19 NOV 2016

Julio Teixeira, S.A. is hosting an Open Day to present their most recent piece of equipment:
The Cyberknife® M6TM Radiosurgery Robotic System.
Our Cyberknife® M6TM is the first on the Iberian Peninsula. This system treats tumours in any part of the body, in a safe and painless manner using submillimetric precision, without the need for in-patient care or anaesthesia.

This equipment is so precise that we are now able to treat clinical situations which were previously considered inoperable and without radiotherapy indication.
The submilimetric precision is achieved using software which coordinates the position of the robot with the continual monitoring of the position of the tumour throughout the treatment process using imaging software.
Cyberknife allows us to, like no other Radiotherapy equipment, focus high doses of radiation on the target tumour whilst simultaneously minimizing the dosage to adjacent tissues, thanks to the versatility of the robotic arm which can administer radiation from all directions.
Depending on the clinical situation, treatment is administered across one to five fractions.

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