What is Radioatherapy?

Radiotherapy is a method of treatment which uses ionizing radiation as a therapeutic solution to oncological diseases, which can also be indicated for certain benign pathological situations. X-rays are the most common type of radiation – similar to those used in x-ray scans – used to destroy or impede the growth of dangerous cells. During oncological treatment, the dosage amount is carefully calculated to ensure that the surrounding healthy cells are able to recover whilst the malignant cells are destroyed. Radiotherapy can also be used to reduce the tumorous volume or for symptomatic pain relief or haemorrhagic control.



We are equipped with the latest technology, which we are constantly updating. Most of our apparatus can emit two types of particles, photons and electrons, which are used in the treatment process.


Made up of a group of highly-motivated professionals, our objective is to treat our oncological patients in a personalised manner, following national and international best practice methods and with no waiting lists.


Radiotherapy treatment can be considered as neoadjuvant, adjuvant, radical and palliative. Get to know the various techniques we administer: External Radiotherapy and Intracavitary/ Interstitial/ Intraluminal Radiotherapy.


Webinar “Lung cancer in times of pandemic: from challenges to solutions”

Dr Paulo S. Costa, Clinical Coordinator of Júlio Teixeira, SA, is part of a panel of five speakers from the webinar “Lung cancer in times of pandemic: from challenges to solutions”, scheduled for Thursday, February 11, at 7 pm. The...

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04 Feb World Day Against Cancer

Júlio Teixeira, SA, joins, on the World Day to Fight Against Cancer, February 4, the LA ROCHE-POSAY ONCOLOGY PROJECT “Rediscovering comfort and self-esteem to better fight the disease.”

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(Português) PME Excelência 2019

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